Michael Jooste

Owner, Co-Founder

None of my days are unimportant. I’m often talking with clients, large crowds, or with potential business partners where the stakes are high and failure isn’t an option. It took me a while to feel comfortable in my own skin in these situations and I sometimes found myself worrying that these important people were judging me.

And they were – first impressions matter for a reason. Just like a haircut or a clean suit, your skin matters and you should always put your best foot forward. You wouldn’t wear a dirty suit to the most important interview of your life; why shouldn’t your skin be just as on-point as your apparel?

When you look confident, you feel confident, and that confidence can be difference between making the right first impression and blowing a deal. Common Ground is part of my routine on those days where everything needs to be on point. Beyond the fact that I can’t afford not to feel confident in my skin, why wouldn’t I want to?

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