Tony Quintus

Director of Creative Services, Operations

As a father of two boys, non-profit volunteer, and working professional, my daily routine is filled with tasks. So, how do I manage a successful career, being a parent, dealing with all that life throws at me, and still find time for myself to look and feel confident? With difficulty. This is where the value of Common Ground MenCare’s Core Essentials appealed to me. It is a combination of products that takes very little effort. It is easy to use, and it has become part of my daily routine with a few simple steps, helping me stay focused on the things that matter.

When I first met with Jason and learned about what Common Ground MenCare was all about, I was all in. To be able to discreetly purchase products designed for men to help them look and feel their very best, it was a no brainer. It is time men take care of their skin, to help them feel good and look good. And let’s face it, yes you’ll look great now, but it will pay huge dividends later in life too. This is a simple thing that can help every guy feel a little more confident in themselves. I know I do.

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